Pre-Construction and Construction

Maintenance Program

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Electrical, Plumbing, Functional, Aesthetics and more

• Immediate response

• Capable in maintaining, servicing, repairing and/or replacing
• All encompassing service
• Any and all aspects of maintenance including Structural, Construction based, Non-Construction based  HVAC, Engineering, Mechanical,

• Professional and comprehensive
• Case by case basis

• Collaborative Application with Client, Client Representative, Architectural and Design Teams, all Vendors and Subcontractors
• In-depth review and survey of proposed project
• Application proposal of construction
• Master Planning Service
• Master Project Schedule
• Architectural renderings review
• Proposed budget and finalized budget
• Extensive proposed estimate
• Efficiency and cost control
• Comprehensive engineering
• Qualified and approved sub-contractors
• Site surveys and monitoring
• Management, guidelines and approvals of all phases and applications of materials, and all elements of structures
• Execution and documentation of schedules, methods of implementation and aspects of all phases
• Administration and planning
• Reliability and Safety Practice Program
• In depth close-out methods

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