Photography by June Pascocello

From start to finish, this project for Louis Vuitton is a timeless and elegant representation of an upper echelon in design.  The very first Louis Vuitton Shoe Salon in the world was built with precision and impeccable workmanship by Tectonic Builders.  In line with the Louis Vuitton and the historical landmark Saks Fifth Avenue building and design integrity, this shoe salon is harmoniously implemented into the famous 8th floor shoe department which boasts it’s own zip code and is also built by Anthony McKenney of Tectonic Builders.  The Louis Vuitton Shoe Salon is accented with interior design elements by the iconic Peter Marino.  Step in, feel, and be consumed by luxury.


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Photography  ©June Pascocello

Louis Vuitton Shoe Salon at Saks Fifth Avenue, New York City

Design ©2016 Carole Antouri

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©2016 Tectonic Builders, Inc.