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Christian Louboutin Shoe Salon at Saks Fifth Ave, New York City


Another seamless construction by Tectonic Builders for the famous Saks Fifth Ave 8th floor shoe department.  This intricate and complex construct for the Christian Louboutin Shoe Salon is the brand’s first in-store boutique in the United States.  The seductive design of this space requires precision building and retrofitting to accommodate the unique materials and perspective craftsmanship.  Our highly qualified building expertise is why fashion industry’s top brands put their trust in us and we deliver beyond their expectations of perfection... always.
Saks was a very strategic partner in placing this salon in-store as part of their 10022 personal zip code shoe level department.  When clever marketing comes into play to keep attracting the highly selective clientele, there is no room for error and only room for Tectonic Builders, Inc.